Our mission is simple.  To celebrate good, clean, wholesome food. We are the food preservation specialists for Slow Food LA. Our volunteers, known as Slow Food Preservation Advisors, are a group of dedicated individuals who have received special training in food preservation techniques.  These volunteers generously donate their time and talents, and teach food preservation techniqchef ernie miller teaching classues to many groups at at many venues all over Southern California.

Our volunteers teach classes at the special events, such as the Los Angeles County Fair and the Orange County Fair.  We are currently teaching a series of classes at several locations in Los Angeles County, and we are available to conduct demonstrations for Farmer’s Markets, festivals, churches and synagogues, libraries, schools, clubs, and special events.

Some of the topics our Certified Slow Food Preservation Advisors are qualified to teach include:

Dairy Crafting:  Yogurt, (Yogurt Cheese), Kefir, Cheese making, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese

Dehydration Techniques:  Drying fruits and vegetables,  healthy fruit roll ups & savory leathers. Kale chips, dried onions, and so much more.  Kick your cooking up the the next level!

Food Safety and Safe Food Handling 

chef ernie at the lacfWater Bath Canning Methods

Pressure Canning Methods



Fermenting vegetables: Sauerkraut, Kimchi

Freezing for long term food storage. 

Charcuterie: From Bacon and Country Hams to Sausages.

Fermented Beverages:  Beer, Wine, Ciders and Meads. 

Breadbaking: Sourdough and many other breads 

And much, much more 

lacf.nancee.susanIf you would like to set up a food preservation demonstration for your organization or arrange for one of our Slow Food Preservation Advisor volunteers to teach a class for your event, please contact us at: preservers@slowfoodla.com.