Oct 16th: The Wonderful World of Liquid Fermentation with author Drew Beechum from 1:00 pm -3:00 pm


Join us on October 16th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm to hear Drew’s talk and to ask him the “hard” questions.   You will learn “Everything” about Home Brewing of Beer, Hard Cider, Mead, Sake, Kombucha and much more.

Drew Beechum has been brewing and writing about brewing since he first picked up a kettle in 1999. Since then he’s made it a mission to have fun and help bdrew-beechum-imagerewers and vintners figure out the easiest ways to make the best fermentations.

He is the author of The Everything Homebrewing Book, The Everything Hard Cider BookThe Homebrewer’s Journal and Experimental Homebrewing with Denny Conn.

Drew writes a regular column for Beer Advocate and is co-host of the Experimental Brewing Podcast! He lives in Pasadena, California, with his lovely wife, a dedicated brewery, and his loyal army of dogs and cats.

Drew’s Experimental Brewing Podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcast platforms. You can reach out to Drew on Twitter — @Dbeechum or his website Experimental Brew.

From Amazon’s Biography page on Drew Beechum:  

I make beer. I am a homebrewer. I’m slightly obsessive. I’m also a monthly columnist for BeerAdvocate, the Magazine,  and a regular contributor to Zymurgy and other publications. What sort of beer do I make? Is every beer a thing? Literally everything from the palest American lager to the heaviest booze filled Imperial Stouts. If it ferments, I’ll do it. Cider, Sake, Wine, Kombucha, etc. But what I’m known for is the strange creations like Champagne Beer, Guacamole Beer and the dreaded Clam Chowder Saison.  And a lot of Saisons, a lot of them.  Together with my co-author Denny Conn, I host a bi-weekly podcast – Experimental Brewing. Give us  a listen.

Maltose Falcons

Founded in 1974 in Woodland Hills, the Maltose Falcons are America’s oldest Homebrew club. They meet to brew and discuss the finer points of beer every month and welcome anyone who’s interested in learning more about brewing and beer!  Drew is the “Grand Hydrometer” for the Falcons and he does a great job of presenting a monthly “Master Class” at their monthly meetings.


If you are interested in getting your books signed by the author, you can purchase Drew’s books at Amazon.com and bring them with you. Link to Drew’s page at Amazon.com

Drew is happy to sigexperimental-homebrew-book-covern your books and for your convenience will also have the following books with him to purchase:

  • Everything Homebrewing
  • Experimental Homebrewing
  • Everything Hard Cider
  • Homebrew All-Stars


Address, City, Zip: First Christian Church of Whittier –  6355 S. Greenleaf, Whittier CA 90601

Directions to event: 605 exit Whittier going East. Left on Hadley.

Church is on the corner of Hadley & Greenleaf

Parking: Back of church and street

This event is over.  Sorry you missed it.  It was great!   Please come to the next General Meeting.


Schedule a class or demonstration with our trained Slow Food Preservation Advisors

We are proud to announce the creation of the first ever Slow Food Preservation Advisors group, which will now be operating under the Slow Food Los Angeles umbrella. Our Certified Slow Food Preservation Advisors are trained to teach classes, provide live demonstrations and answer your food preservation questions.

Here are just a few of the topics we are trained to teach:

Water Bath Canning Techniques: Jams, Jellies, Marmalade and Preserves, Fruit Juices, etc. tiltled.jam.jellie.in.canning.jars.

Pressure Canning Techniques: Vegetables, poultry, meat and fish, soups and more.

Fermentation:   Learn the basics of fermentation and learn to make fermented vegetables.  We can show you how to make everything from a simple sauerkraut to fermented vegetables and kimchi.

Pickling: Learn to pickle many types of vegetables and fruits. From quick pickles to watermelon rinds and Dilly beans.  There are limitless possibilities.

Dairy Craft: Learn to make Yogurts, Labneh, Kefir,  Ice Cream and cheese making with various types of milk including goat, sheep and cows milks.  cheeseplatter.image

Dehydrating:   Learn to make Beef and Turkey Jerky, and dry Fruits and Vegetables. Make your own kale chips and fruit Roll-ups. Learn about savory leathers, and much more.

Freezing for optimal results:   Preparing Food for freezing, blanching, packaging, storing, etc.

Food Handling and Food Safety:  An important subject for everyone to learn.

Kombucha:  Basic kombucha, and fruit infused cultured beverages

Beer, Wine and Mead:  The fascinating history of beer, wine and mead.   Learn to brew  beer, wine and mead at home. Our Classes available for adult audiences.


To request a volunteer for your event please write us at: preservers@slowfoodla.com.  We will  be happy to assist you in finding a trained Slow Food Preservation Advisor.